Yes We Are Moving!!!

Check back for details and pictures!!




   Starting Point   




                                                                                              February 2, 2015



April 21, 2015




Fitness Area and Party Room above



 14 Nails balanced on the head of one nail!!



Start of the Cave



First outside wall is up!







 December 31!!  Happy New Year!!


 Framing in the cave.


Slab wall and overhang wall.


Starting on the bouldering area!!


Cement for the bathroom floor!


View from the lower cave!



Looking down the cave from the upper level...all framed in!!


The bouldering area is coming along!




The cave!!



The first auto belay anchor is up!



Looking out from the cave onto the second level of bouldering!!







Second level of bouldering is started!!




View from the top of the stairs.



Upper level to the cave!!





Panorama of upper level!




The stairs are in!!





The rope walls are going up!




Overview of the construction...




Upper bouldering just about ready for setting!!





Sheeting the cave!




The foam for under the topout wall arrived today!




Moving flooring out of the old gym...



And installing it in the new one!!





We are almost ready!!!